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Transforming Workforce Management and Cost Reporting with EZTRAK at Elite Project Management, LLC

Background: Elite Project Management, LLC, a leading provider of Project Managers, Project Planners, and Field Execution Supervisors, faced challenges in managing their diverse workforce across multiple refineries. With employees working on different purchase orders and some being per diem travelers, Elite required a streamlined solution to manage timesheets, provide real-time cost reports, and enhance their invoicing process. They also needed a comprehensive system to track employee time, tasks, and execution progress across various projects, while dealing with multiple refinery timekeeping systems that were not user-friendly.


  1. Diverse Workforce Management: Elite’s workforce was spread across multiple refineries, projects, and roles, leading to complexities in tracking employee time and tasks accurately.
  2. Real-Time Cost Reporting: The need for real-time cost reports and streamlined invoicing was essential to ensure prompt payment and effective financial management.
  3. Project Execution Tracking: Elite required a system to track execution progress across projects, providing timely updates to clients and stakeholders.
  4. Refinery Timekeeping Systems: Existing timekeeping systems used by the refineries were not user-friendly and posed challenges in terms of compatibility and data synchronization.

Solution: EZTRAK Mobile Application: Elite partnered with EZTRAK to develop a custom mobile application that addressed these challenges:

  1. Mobile Timesheet Submission: Employees could submit timesheets directly from their phones, streamlining the time reporting process and ensuring real-time data entry.
  2. Cost Monitoring and Allocation: Managers could efficiently allocate employee time and monitor costs in real time, providing immediate insights for financial reporting and invoicing.
  3. Execution Progress Tracking: EZTRAK enabled Elite to monitor task execution and progress across projects, facilitating informed decision-making and client updates.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: EZTRAK’s user-friendly interface was tailored to Elite’s needs, making it easier for employees to enter data and managers to track and allocate time.
  5. Synchronization with Refinery Systems: EZTRAK integrated with existing refinery timekeeping systems, bridging the gap between various systems and streamlining data exchange.

Results and Benefits: The implementation of EZTRAK’s mobile application brought transformative results to Elite Project Management:

  1. Enhanced Workforce Management: EZTRAK’s platform enabled Elite to efficiently manage a diverse workforce, track time, allocate tasks, and monitor execution progress across different projects and refineries.
  2. Real-Time Cost Reporting: Real-time cost monitoring and reporting capabilities empowered Elite to provide accurate and timely cost reports to clients, improving invoicing efficiency and ensuring prompt payment.
  3. Streamlined Invoicing Process: The streamlined timesheet submission process and real-time cost tracking facilitated a quicker and more efficient invoicing process, leading to improved cash flow.
  4. Improved Client Communication: The ability to track execution progress and provide timely updates to clients enhanced communication and collaboration.
  5. Cost Savings: EZTRAK’s mobile application allowed Elite to perform the tasks of 2-3 timekeepers seamlessly, leading to cost savings in terms of personnel and potential timekeeping errors.
  6. User Satisfaction: EZTRAK’s user-friendly interface made it easier for employees to submit timesheets and for managers to allocate time, resulting in increased user satisfaction.

Conclusion: EZTRAK’s mobile application transformed workforce management and cost reporting for Elite Project Management, LLC. By streamlining timesheet submission, enhancing cost monitoring, and providing real-time execution progress updates, Elite was able to efficiently manage their workforce, improve financial reporting, and streamline invoicing. The integration with refinery timekeeping systems and the user-friendly interface further optimized their operations. EZTRAK not only met Elite’s immediate needs but also positioned them to offer a more efficient and cost-effective solution to refineries for timekeeping, thereby delivering a valuable service while saving costs.

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