Use the Best Software Integration Solution for Your ERP

Use the Best Software Integration Solution for Your ERP

Asset-heavyorganizations with complex environments often find their enterprise solutions falling short. Rapidly changing technology and shifting work processes require flexible, tailor-made software. Supplementing your existing ERP or CMMS with a solution that integrates with various APIs, supports dynamic field mapping, and leverages a framework of feedback functions is, therefore, critical. EZTRAK is designed to integrate and optimize your existing software with minimal disruption and involvement. We create an accurate and efficient integration road map and seamless data exchange between applications by assessing your business needs and processes.

Everything Defined in One System

PMM prepares shutdowns and maintenance projects more efficiently in planning and execution by focusing on scoping, work preparation, scheduling, safeguarding, execution, and quality control.

We offer high-level support, proven solutions, and guaranteed data security. Manage, maintain, order, and release materials, and add granular detail as required. Import all materials from your existing ERP system, too, to gain complete control over your storage, tools, consumables, and inventory, from the bill of materials to material specs.

A Single Scope

Save paperwork by digitally linking certificates, inspection reports, and your ERP system to simplify data searches and save valuable time. Save all items and metadata with an all-in-one software solution.

At Precision Material Management, we combine elements of material management into a single scope, from expediting to stockpile management, permissions, and paperwork.

Import and specify materials from the ERP system for total control and visibility over material groups and specifications. Maintain digital certificates, link article numbers to specifications for smoother work preparations, and choose between display options and reports for greater insights.

No More Delays

Poorly managed material inventory and outdated material tracking methods during turnaround outages can throw your schedule off track, incurring significant losses.

Regrettably, scheduling tools, such as Oracle, have limited functionality. They can only handle scheduling, forcing managers to manually compare material lists against schedules through third-party systems and software. Managers also have to create spreadsheets that require constant updating, which results in a loss of energy, time, productivity, and money.

This becomes time-intensive and increases the likelihood of errors when transferring data from manual spreadsheets to SAP.

Accessing materials tracking and inventory eliminates delays, ensuring a faster transition to your facility. Our centralized, digital platform seamlessly integrates your scheduling program with your list of materials to track both from a single system. Real-time material updates ensure you never lose track of materials, requirements, and arrival dates.

Our mobile functionality guarantees that workers can access data from the field and stay informed as to when materials will arrive to complete their work. Use our platform to quickly answer questions regarding price estimates, PO and material status, and delivery dates, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is SAP Material Management?

SAP, or SAP MM (Materials Management), is an ERP company that provides solutions for Materials Management, the processes involved in managing the flow of materials across the supply chain, from the supplier to the manufacturer. In different words, SAP MM offers companies with inventory, materials, and warehouse management capabilities, making sure that everything is in order without shortages in the supply chain.

Why Is Material Management Important During Shutdown Events?

With a large number of internal and external personnel on the ground, companies acquire large quantities of equipment, including breathing and hazardous materials protection, gas detection tools, electronics, fire prevention gear, communication technology, and more. All of this equipment has to be procured, stored, and maintained effectively through material management software. Additionally, material management ensures that materials going into production during and after STO events are accurate and of great value.

What Can You Do With Sap Material Management?

SAP Material Management enables companies to manage procurement, valuation of materials, invoice verification, and material requirement planning. However, SAP Material Management cannot complete all of the material management functions required during a shutdown or turnaround outage.

What Software Is Used for Material Management?

The type of software depends on the industry, for the most part. EZTRAK offers an intuitive software solution for material management to companies active in the oil and gas industry, such as refineries. Our software solution is also pivotal to the successful operation of warehouses, manufacturing business, etc.

How Can You Manage Your Warehouse Efficiently?

Several ways to optimize efficiencies include utilizing and planning your warehouse and storage bin layouts more efficiently. As an expert, Precision Materials Management offers consultation services in these areas.

How Do You Measure Warehouse Management Functionality?

There are several warehouse management KPIs. Many are based on storage, including monitoring the cost of inventory turnover, the carrying cost of inventory, and the average inventory value. Let us assist you with KPI settings and benchmarks.