P66 Case Study

Why your Next Turnaround Needs EZTRAK

Phillips 66
Case Study

How we helped save Phillips 66 over $764,000 on their recent Turnarounds compared to the last Turnaround cycle.

Reduce lost, rushed and duplicate orders.
Increase time-on-tools.

Eliminate spreadsheets, emails and paper forms.

Client  Background: 

PMM Approach:

PMM developed refinery-wide Material Management procedure which included:

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Numbers Don't Lie

Hours Saved
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Ordering Accuracy
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Cost Avoidance
Missed Orders

What our Clients are Saying

"EZTRAK has been a great addition to our material tracking needs. We appreciate its simplicity and the ability to make customizations as our tracking needs change.”
Melissa S.
PHD San Bernardino County
"Since we started using EZTRAK we have been able to keep our inventory under control for multiple Turnarounds. The website is easy to access and navigate, and it makes information available to everyone who needs it to do their job well. Overall, we are very pleased with EZTRAK and will continue to use it on all our Turnarounds!"
Ceaser W.
Planner PBF Energy
"I can’t tell you how much time EZTRAK has saved our Planners, Contractors and Cost Tracking teams. Before, we spent countless time tracking down missing material, packing slips, MTR’s and PMI reports. Having all that data in once place, along with pictures and the chain of custody for all material is almost too good to be true."
Raul A.
Planner PBF Energy

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