Best Features in a Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Best Features in a Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Software programs called warehouse management systems (WMS) are used to streamline warehouse processes. You can ensure the most economical and efficient flow of goods with the help of WMS. It permits keeping an eye on warehouse layout, inventory control, product picking and packaging, receiving, shipping, labour control, and reporting. An effective warehouse management system should have the following characteristics.


A WMS must have a receiving option to get started. By keeping track of inconsistencies between the purchase order and the actual items received, this WMS function helps to reduce receiving mistakes. Since the warehouse application is directly linked to your ERP system, you can see your inventory in real time. Based on the nature and characteristics of the commodities you handle; WMS suggests several methods for slotting and maximizing storage space use. For instance, it is necessary to store perishable things in accordance with their expiration date and storage needs, while fast-moving items should be kept in the locations that are easiest to reach.

Order Control

A warehouse management system must have an optimized order and fulfilment procedure. Some WMS offer carrier network connectivity, which might significantly improve shipping procedures. As automatic integration grows, warehouse managers may also cut back on time-consuming human data entry chores. Systems for managing warehouses based on robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning may significantly boost production and speed.


The best warehouse inventory management systems offer a wide range of features that help firms integrate business intelligence from warehouse operations. You may view your inventory levels in real-time so that you are constantly aware of how much of each item you have in stock.

Employment Management

A further WMS purpose is labour management tools, in addition to the many distinctive features that enable physical objects and shipments to be identified and tracked. Proper labour management may keep employees on task and reveal procedures that are wasting valuable resources needlessly. Simple QR tags or pins that track when people arrive and depart the office can be used by employees to clock in and out. These features also make it possible for workers to monitor their overtime, paid time off, and hourly hours.

Inventory Control

A WMS platform will keep track of inventory data by using barcode scanners and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, updating the dashboard's content automatically so that anybody with access may quickly examine the most recent information. Making sure that items are straightforward to locate when they need to transfer is also beneficial. WMS controls inventory-related processes like cross-docking and cycle counting. A robust WMS that recommends the items to count, their locations, and adjusts the ERP system as appropriate makes cycle counting easy.

Selecting and packing

Making selection lists could be challenging. Using WMS, you may easily filter and print lists according to factors like bin location, order date, or SKU. Voice commands or mobile devices can lead workers to the exact location of the goods. If anything has to be picked up, the best route and necessary equipment will be recommended to shorten the journey. Making sure the correct products are purchased is easier using barcode or RFID scanners. WMS provides the appropriate packing technique, and the kind and amount of packaging are automatically chosen for each order.


Features of warehouse inventory control offer a one-stop shop for all the things a business needs to succeed. It goes without saying that using a WMS may have significant advantages and cost savings since they enhance performance, streamline all warehouse processes, and speed up operations while lowering mistake rates. As there is no one-size-fits-all WMS solution, take your time looking for it while keeping in mind the particular needs of your WMS system.

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