About Us

About Us

Cut From the Same Cloth.

What sets us apart? We are experts at software development, and (most important) we know Turnarounds. Our competitors fall short, likely because they have never executed a Turnaround or don’t develop their own software. Turnarounds are extremely unique and the industry speaks it’s own language. Our leadership time has worked within every aspect of Turnaround planning and our software is battle tested.

Committed to Continuous Improvement

Precision Material Management (PMM) sets the standard for materials management consulting, services and software. We specialize in warehouse design, process management, inventory control, and technical solutions to help government agencies optimize their time and cost expenditures during construction and maintenance projects. PMM is unique for its ability to combine advanced technology with time proven best practices acquired from our success within multiple industries.

Competitive government contracting options

PMM has continued to expand our capabilities and reach through the acquisition of certifications and contracts at the Federal and State level. We are certified in CA as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and welcome partnerships to meet MBE participation requirements.

541614 – Process, Physical Distribution , Logistics Consulting Services
493110 – General Warehousing and Storage
511210 – Software Publishers
561990 – All Other Support Services

A Track Record for Innovation

In 2015, Precision Material Management set out to deploy a simple and cost-effective material management software specifically for the refining industry. While providing Turnaround services, we were amazed at how many spreadsheets, folders, emails, telephone calls, text messages, paper forms, handwritten notes and personal memory it took to manage material and knew there had to be a better way.

We were also surprised that information was not readily available to everyone who needed it. Purchase Order information was stored in SAP, Schedule information was store in Primavera and Equipment Files and Work Packages were stored in private folders. All these systems had limited access, expensive single licenses and required significant training to manage. We knew that a central platform where Procurement, Costs Analysts, Planners, Inspection, Suppliers and Contractors could all view information and collaborate was the missing piece.

EZTRAK was created with the Turnaround environment in-mind. The name implies “EZ” (Easy) because we knew that a variety of people with different levels of computer skills, who might also be temporary, would be accessing our system. Therefore, it had to be so simple, that anyone could learn how to use it within minutes.

It is our mission to help Turnaround Planners to have successful Turnarounds, starting with material management and reporting. We have a history of meeting and exceeding customer expectations, we are always making improvements, developing additional features, and increasing functionality to ensure that we succeed in our cause. We have the unique combination of Turnaround experience with software development expertise and are proud to share our software with the industry.